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This is our focus

welded steel, custom geometry

Precision, powerful, style

Eddy Merckx & Steel

The words ‘punctilious’ and ‘maniacal’ could have been invented for Eddy. That’s how meticulously he thought about his bike. Every detail mattered. For example, would raising the saddle by 1 mm improve the feel of the bike? Would it give him more power?

Eddy was devoted to his bike. Not only was it his means of winning, it was also his best friend, keeping him company on his long rides. It helped him through hard times and motivated him to push harder when everyone else wanted to slow down. Do you know that feeling?

Every race Eddy won was on a steel horse, steel being the primary resource for bikes in the 1960s and 70s – also known as the ‘Eddy Years’. Aluminium and carbon came into play later on. But like first loves, steel would never be forgotten. Now, 50 years on, what do we see flooding back onto the market? Right, that first love.

Through Eddy Merckx Bikes, we want to honour Eddy. His career. His way of riding. His attention to detail. His love of bicycles. That’s why we have reintroduced a complete range of Merckx Steel. But make no mistake: these are not retro bikes.

They are contemporary, high-end steel bikes. Your best friend on the road. Ready to help you out on long rides, to support you when the going gets tough. Just like Eddy’s.


Welding is an art

He doesn’t talk much, but when he does, his words enchant you. He was born to do this job because of his skills, but also because of his love for the job and his endless passion. Do you know anyone like that? We do: Johan Vranckx.

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