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First of all you need to answer these three questions:

1 . Do you want Gravel, Road, Disc or Rim? 

2. Which colours and design do you prefer?

3. What is your ideal bike size?

Of course we will assist you in making your choice. Scroll down this page and we will help you to answer each of these three questions.

Step 1: Bike Type and Brake Type

What do you want to use your Corsa for? Are you a roadie? Or do you prefer forests, fields and other types of unpaved roads?

If you prefer off-road, then our Corsa Gravel is the way to go. Our Corsa Road has a tyre clearance of 28 mm, ample for any type of road you will traverse. But when going off-road, you need more. The 45 mm tyre clearance of the Corsa Gravel is the solution.

Rim or Disc? The Corsa Gravel always comes as a disc version, but our Corsa Road can be built into two types of bikes.

Not sure? Go to this page and dive into the details of every bike.


Step 2: MyCorsa Personalization Tool

This is our 3D MyCorsa tool. Discover which designs and colours you like best.

The rear stays and chain stays always have a polished-clean look.

You can choose between the MyCorsa Serene, MyCorsa Retro and MyCorsa Race. With the MyCorsa Serene, you have a timeless design that always looks good. Select one base colour and a second colour for the logo. The result will be a simple, yet serene bike design.

The MyCorsa Retro has a retro design, with a choice of base colour and second colour. The MyCorsa Design has a modern look. 

Once you have chosen your design, you can download it and save it on your computer.

Step 3: Your Bikefit data

A custom geometry is the key to experiencing a ride like none you’ve ever experienced before. Therefore, there are some important details we need to collect from you.

We recommend using an experienced bikefitter to ensure that this bike feels like the perfect fit. Please print this PDF or show it to your bikefitter online when visiting. We identified seven criteria to personalise your bike.

We know that not everyone is looking for a custom geometry. That’s why we have two predefined geometries ready-made for you:

  • Road Geometry

  • Gravel Geometry

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