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MyCorsa Personalization Tool

Being unique is one of the core values of our brand. Therefore, we strongly believe in bike customization. Thanks to the MyMerckx customization program every Merckx rider will have the possibility to create the bike of his dreams and to be unique. The program offers 3 options for every bike:


MyMerckx Race

A distinctive stripe at the left side of the top tube and the top of the seat tube. The stripe remains in this personalization, but play around with colors!

MyMerckx Retro 

How cool can a bike look combining modern technologies and a retro paint job? Every MyMerckx Retro will be an ode to Eddy and his never-ending love and search for bike improvement. The MyMerckx Retro will have a retro design where you can change the base colour and the second colour. To top it off, the retro Eddy Merckx logo will be used on the down tube and head tube.

MyCorsa Road Disc Retro.jpg
MyCorsa Road Disc Serene.jpg

MyMerckx Serene

A design which is timeless and always good-looking. Select one base colour and a second colour for the logo. The result will be a simple, but serene bike design.

Personalization Tool

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