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Someone who doesn't talk much, but when he talks, his words enchant you. Someone who is talented that he seems made to do his job. Someone with a boundless love and passion for his business. Do you know someone like that? We do: Johan Vranckx, our man behind the steel.

To reconstruct the first meeting between Johan and Eddy we have to go back in time.

Eddy visited Johan's school in search of welders. He stepped into Johan's classroom and asked, "Who wants to work for me?" Johan couldn't believe his ears. He raised his hand immediately.


In the evening he ran home and told his parents, "I’m going to quit school and going to work for Eddy Merckx." His parents called him crazy and rang the director. He confirmed: "Indeed, Mr. Vranckx, Mr. Merckx came by and your Johan applied for a job."

Father Vranckx was silent, but agreed and Johan was allowed to start working. Eddy immediately sent Johan on a course and before Johan realized it, he was on his way to De Rosa in Italy and Litespeed in the USA to learn and perfect the art of welding top quality bicycles.

That was 39 years ago. The story is legendary, just as Johan's craftsmanship.

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